The Experience

The Maharaja is a culinary journey, a passage back in time, jewel box of sensory pleasures from a long gone era. From the grand crystal chandeliers to the velvet seating and hand crafted honey onyx bar, the space radiates a nostalgic glow. A delectable offering of dishes, ideal for sharing portions, flavored with spices and ingredients from far continents.

Toronto’s first boutique Indian restaurant located in the heart of Mississauga, welcomes you to experience Indian dining at its best, amidst sensational interiors – a restaurant with opulence and allure.

We have attempted to put together the widest offering of Indian Culinary Excellence from Grills to Gravies representing India’s vast Geographic Culinary diversity. We believe that all fresh ingredients can be grilled, and with our dedicated chefs combining tantalizing tastes from a bold use of Indian flavours and styles with delectable results.



With a desire to grill, tandoor and sear a multitude of fresh ingredients, clothed, marinated and dipped in secret and unusual combinations, the food at The Maharaja is prepared for sharing, for pleasurable moments and for excitement.

We strive to turn up the heat, and to create an experience described as ‘Gourmet theatre from Another Era’.


Our contemporary take is rooted in age-old traditions, thus delivering taste sensations that take you beyond your expectations but with a reminder of the origins.

The Maharaja’s preparatory methods are inspired by recipes from books of history covering four grand regions from the Golden Era’s. The legacy of their contribution towards art, culture and culinary excellence is transcendent and priceless.

Reminiscing over the Grand Banquets and fanfare of ‘Mighty Mughals’ of Avadh, ‘Noble Nizams’ of Hyderabad, ‘Magnificent Maharaja’s’ of Punjab and ‘Royal Rajputs’ of Rajputana, we collated a selection of note worthy dishes from the kitchens of each, worthy for the most discerning connoisseur.


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